Grow Your Business With a Mastermind Group

When you have a problem or challenge in your business, where do you turn? Who do you trust to be completely honest with you? Who can relate to the experience of being a business owner and give you practical advice?

Our answer is to turn to a Mastermind Group.

Every time either of us mentions being in a Mastermind Group, people always say, “Wow! That sounds neat. What is it? How does it work?”

Quite simply, a Mastermind Group is collaboration between a small group of people who all have the same intention and want to help each other achieve their goals. In our case, as business owners, we want to streamline and grow our businesses. We want to attract more customers, keep up with latest trends, and make more money.

Let’s clarify what a Mastermind Group is:

– A Mastermind Group is a deliberate, long term commitment between like-minded peers who want to achieve similar results.

– It’s a “sacred time and space” to work ON your business. This means no multitasking – it’s letting go of everything else for a little while to focus completely on your business.

– Members of the Mastermind Group share responsibility equally for the continued success and effectiveness of the group.

– There is a commitment of complete confidentiality. It’s a place to be totally honest about what’s really going on in your business – the good, the bad and the ugly.

– Each member of the group has the opportunity to have their business spotlighted in every session.

– A Mastermind Group is a place where mutual respect and camaraderie flourish.

– Group members hold one another accountable for the commitments they’ve made in their businesses.

– It is a brain trust that generates exponential results.

Here’s how all of this translates into real life.

A business owner with two separate entities was struggling to choose where to focus his energy and efforts. There were too many things to do, too many challenges and too many choices – he was overwhelmed, to say the least. His Mastermind Group helped him examine all of his options and challenged him to make a choice. He did. Because of this experience, and the results he achieved, he’s gained a new confidence as well as more success – and tripled his revenues in less than a year.

Here’s the bottom line about Masterminding: It’s about getting stuff done, growing your business and making more money. This kind of transformation only happens when we take the time to work ON our businesses. The beauty of the Mastermind Group is that you’re challenged and supported at the same time. The group doesn’t let you get away with excuses and also encourages and supports you when the responsibilities of being a business owner become intense. Projects that seem like drudgery can become fun and easier to accomplish with the help and support of your Mastermind Group.

The Mastermind Group can help you save as well as make more money. Mastermind Group members share resources, skills and talents. In another case, a Mastermind member was challenged with writing a sales letter. Professional copywriters usually charges $5000 or more for this service. The group helped her complete the sales letter in two hours and the money she saved was reallocated for other business projects.

A Mastermind Group is your chosen family in the business world. These are people who care about and want the best for you and your business. When you choose the right people and share your vision of what you want, you’ll be amazed at what can — and does — happen.

There are various types of mastermind groups. The two main types are: 1) Expert Led – A coach, facilitator, or other expert sets up and leads the group. 2) Peer Led – A group of people come together and the members lead the group.

Ask yourself the following questions – “Would I rather start a group or join a group?”
In starting you own group, you get to create the schedule and choose the members. The advantage of joining a group is that you everything is already set up and you just join the group and start obtaining benefits.

Whether you choose to start a group or join a group, we encourage you to participate in the Mastermind process. Now, more than ever – collaboration is the key to success!

How to Use a Facebook Group to Grow Your Home-Based Business

Facebook is no longer just a fun way to reconnect with old friends or to post pictures of your kid’s birthday party. It has quickly evolved into a powerful tool that is reshaping how people do business. There are more than 400 million Facebook users. If Facebook were its own country, it would be the third-largest country in the world today.

No longer do you have to conduct a long and expensive market survey to see what customers think about a company, product or service. Those key customers are on Facebook telling you what they think. Businesses can now communicate directly with their customers in real time, getting instant feedback – a marketing dream come true.

You don’t have to be a billion-dollar corporation to build a following on Facebook. One good way for home-based business owners to capitalize on the power of Facebook is to create a Group. Here’s how:

1. Develop relationships. Don’t just start inviting anyone and everyone to join your group. Develop relationships with people first. Don’t post things that are only talk about your business. Make it subtle at first.

2. Create your group and invite people to join. Invite current customers, fellow business members and anyone who you think might be interested in keeping up with what’s going on in your business. Just use the “Invite People to Join” link to the left of your group’s main page. Your members can also invite others to join your group. Come up with some incentives, such as free products, to encourage people to invite their friends to join.

3. Send messages about important announcements or events. The cool thing about the Facebook Group is that it allows you to send messages to everyone in your group. If you have new products or deals to announce, if you want to invite people to an event or just have something important to say, message everyone at the same time. But don’t overdo it. You don’t want to spam everyone. Keep it to about one message per week or less.

4. Encourage people to write on your wall. When people post something on the group wall, everyone who is a member of that group can see it on their Facebook Home screen; so can all of their friends, which might intrigue other people to come check out your group. This is a natural and, more importantly, viral way to increase your contacts. Interested people who run across your group may join, and then invite others to join. As the administrator of your group, post frequent

5. Post photos and videos. You can post photos of events, new products or whatever you think might promote your group. You also have the option of letting members post their own photos or videos. Many cell phones now have video features, and you can upload your videos and pictures straight from your phone. You can pick up a decent-quality flip-cam for around $200. Film videos of demonstrations, testimonials or events. Encourage group members to comment on photos.

Facebook continues to evolve as an effective business- and network-building tool. These are just a few basic tips on how to use Facebook to promote your business.

Website Business – Equitymillions System Review

Website business is one of the lucrative business on the internet.

If you do a search on Google keyword suggestion tool for the word “website business” related , you will find below current searches per month :

a) Website business – 90,500

b) Virtual real estate – 18,100

c) Sell website – 18,100

d) Flipping website – 2,900

e) Flip website – 2,400

f) Site flip – 1,300

From those statistics you will know that many web entrepreneurs or internet marketers are looking for effective ways or methods to jump into the bandwagon of selling websites for profits.

A search on Yahoo for the keyword “website business’ will bring in about 2 billions websites and blogs that are involved in the website business or virtual real estate industry.

Today I am going to give my readers a review about a unique and one of a kind private website flipping membership site that deals in selling websites for profits.

The membership site is Equitymillions.

I personally knew the creator of Equitymillions from the private RJ forum.

Their names are Brian Owens & Tyler Ellison.

Being the most active and respected forum members who always comes out with a brilliant and new ways to make money online and i am not surprised that they created Equitymillions out of their years of doing online business and helping others to make money online.

Even the Richjerk himself endorsed their website business membership site and the Richjerk is well known to the forum members that he never recommends crappy or low quality systems for his massive subscribers list.

Here’s a few benefits that their website business members get when they join the membership:

a) There is a forum and a marketplace for members to buy and sell websites

b) The top poster in the forum will work one on one with Brian himself on site selling.

c) Monthly site selling summits

d) Brian and another internet marketing guru will do a conference call with their members to guide them on virtual real estate business

e) They will teach you on how to make 1000s of dollars per month with a tiny list of less than 20 people.

f) 30 videos inside member area that teaches you every tricks and tips in your website business niche.

g) Free website hosting that comes with site builder tools for a great looking websites for those non techie members.

h) More than 4,500 templates for your website design that you can choose from.

There’s a lot more to it but I just want to mention the key point here so that you will understand what it is all about.

I am confident that the website business will continue to grow and more smart people will jump in the bandwagon and sell websites as their source of income.

Thank you for reading and good luck.